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Our Story

The Need for Non-Tech Recreation

Being no-tech-allowedthe proud and, many times, stressed parents of five beautiful children (as of the writing of this: ages 4 through 12), we are constantly challenged to come up with fun, exciting, and new things to do as a family. In today’s world filled with cell phones, tablets, Netflix, Bluetooth this and that it is so hard to simply disconnect from the world and reconnect with what matters the most: Our Home.

One day, while the kids where studying pioneering days in class we remembered a place in Golden called “Clear Creek History Park” where log homes, an old school house and church had been relocated. So the next early morning, we put together a quick lunch, rounded up the kids, loaded them into the van, unloaded them so they could use the restroom before we left, then reloaded them into the van and made it out of the driveway by mid-afternoon for the perilous 15 minute drive.

The kids oohed and ahh’ed as they ran from one building to the next. We parents walked slowly behind them, relishing the days of simplicity and the joys of hard work along with the fruit it bore. We watched as Jimmy cupped his hands at the window of the school house to look at the benches and tables while Megan and Rachel picked the raspberries that grew off to the side. Somewhere between the log cabins, there was a small fenced in garden the local community kept up with. Brandy warned the kids to stay out of the garden as the sign had asked.

The Answer was Water!

water2After about an hour, Jim headed over to the Clear Creek and stood on one of the bridges that spanned the water below. The Rocky Mountains were in full melt and the water was cold and high. The creek below had man-made waterfall drops and heavy rapids; attracting a number of kayakers, river tubers, and emergency personnel for yearly training in rescue. The small beach upstream was filled with sun bathers and people grilling while others danced from rock to rock along the creeks current. Jim watched and Megan joined him (always her Daddy’s daughter) and they began to cheer on the tubers who went over one drop and then another. Some came through unscathed, many braved the excitement of being unceremoniously dumped out into the 38 degree water. “Daddy, can we do that?” Megan asked at some point.

The Search for Tubes

seekingJim looked around and found that no one local carried any inner tubes. He did find some cheap vinyl tubes at a local big box store, but experience told him that they wouldn’t make it down one drop without getting a hole in them. “What we need,” he would later tell Brandy, “is those big black rubber truck tubes we use to see when we were kids. You remember, the ones that lasted forever!” “Yeah well, where are you going to find those?” So Jim and Brandy looked and they found some out of state and when they ordered them, they weren’t quite as thick or tough as they had remembered. “Maybe they seemed thicker because we were kids,” Brandy suggested. But Jim shook his head, “No, I think these are just cheap ones. You know,” he started to say, then stopped. “What is it, Dear?” Brandy asked, although she knew her husband well enough by then to know what he was thinking. “I bet we could supply these, only better ones. Not these cheap, thin rubber tubes. These aren’t truck tires,” Jim gestured at the box in front of him. “When I think of truck tires, I think of thick, heavy black rubber. Something you can jump on and not worry about it.” “Well, if you want to try that, go ahead. You just make sure you keep making the house payment.”

And thus: ClearCreekTubes was Born

cctAnd so Jim and Brandy looked high and low. They had meetings with many manufacturers and received sample after sample. They had a standard in mind and knew what it was that they was looking for. The tube had to be heavy and thick. It had to have good stretching to deal with the higher elevations and the over bearing sun. The valve stem had to be short and rubberized, because no one wanted a long brass elbow valve digging into their back. It had to be the kind of tube where they would feel good about letting their own kids jump around on it.

ClearCreekTubes now creates River Tube Covers, Snow Tube Covers and Towable Tubes, and a Commercial Line of Tubes and Covers. We offer custom jobs, have created Dive Tubes, and we listen to what our customers want. From our own experience of buying off the internet, we hate it when shipping adds to that final cost, so all of our products SHIP FREE to anywhere in the U.S. (INCLUDING Alaska and Hawaii). Our products have shipped worldwide. We’ve had new customers from New York tell us that we come highly recommended. We have answered the phone at midnight on Christmas Eve (although please don’t call at that time unless it is a dire emergency!) to help with a Snow Tube for Christmas morning. We do this because we understand. We have a great product and we stand behind it.

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