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Heavy duty Snow Tube products for winter tubing!

Inflatable snow tubes with colorful covers are available in non-towable and towable snow tube styles.

The snow is here! The kids are running circles in the house as the car is being loaded up with your newest acquisition: a few inflatable snow tubes picked up at the local discount store. The tubing hill is sparkling in the sun, and everyone gathers around for that inaugural run. Making a running jump, the snow flies in your face as you head downhill. Then you cringe! Up ahead is a stick (or rock, or briar…) right in your way. Burst.

Are you tired of having to replace that pool-vinyl snow tube after every outing? Then buy a ClearCreekTubes’ Snow Tube! Nobody has a larger color selection than ClearCreekTubes! With the Bottoms made from a very rugged and durable 18.5 oz Vinyl-Coated-Polyester, those  store bought inflatable snow tubes are left sagging behind in the snow.

The Tops are a UV Resistant and Waterproof Polyester-Canvas with Color-Lock Technology, known for non-fading qualities with handles box-stitched into place. All Tops and Bottoms are triple-stitched together for a longer lasting Snow Tube. Each ClearCreekTubes Snow Tube comes with a non-weight bearing Pull Strap to help haul that tube back up the hill for another go! It doesn’t get any better than this!

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