The Big Berthoud Sling Seat & Tube Combo

The Big Berthoud Sling Seat & Tube Combo


New for Summer! The Big Berthoud Sling Seat and Tube Combo! 7 feet of fun! Tube included.


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Big Berthoud Tube2 The Big Berthoud 84" Giant Tube WOW, this tube is BIG!   How the Sling Seat works on Big Berthoud Four straps wrap around the tube and buckle into place with side-released buckles specifically designed to handle 190 lbs of tension…EACH! The seat is made from our UV Resistant and Mildew Resistant Poly-Canvas that is PVC coated. The straps are triple stitched into place so the seat will not move once you set it into place. The buckles are adjustable for either a low or high ride experience. This is a great item for those who love the inner tube but wish they had a little more support than just their legs and back. The Big Berthoud Optional Grab On's Grab On's are big handles that strap onto the tube. Because this gigantic tube sits 2 feet on top of the water, the Grab-On's will make it easier for a person to pull themselves up on top of the tube! So, grab some Grab On's too!
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