Colossal 54” River Cover with Vinyl Bottom

Colossal 54” River Cover with Vinyl Bottom


Our best-selling River Tube is even better when it's 54″! Also with an extra tough 18.5 oz vinyl bottom!
Tube not included.


Add a Tube!

My cover may be lonely without a tube.

Add a Cup Holder!

Take your beverage with you!

Optional Bottoms

Instead of a solid Canvas Bottom, you can have a large hole, like a traditional naked tube.
Add the Mesh bottom that keeps bottoms where they belong: Inside the Tube!

  • Super-Strong 1300 Denier Mesh Bottom
  • Go Big and Go Tough: The Industrial Mesh our River Outfitters love here in the Rocky Mountains!

See details on both options below.

It is stronger, more durable and has been tested by many water parks that now rent out our River Tubes!

For our Customers who want the Naked Tube experience but really love our River Tubes AND really wanted a more durable Cover, we combined the best of both worlds: The Cover’s Top is made from a Polyester-Canvas that is UV Resistant and Waterproof and it is Triple-Stitched to an 18.5 oz Vinyl-Coated-Polyester that is both rugged and durable.

All Tops and Bottoms are triple-stitched together for a longer lasting River Tube.

Hole-in-Hole Bottom

Now here is where it is different: Instead of a solid Vinyl Bottom, we added a large hole so the Tuber (that’s you) can slip through the tube, dangle their feet in the center of the tube or just get their butt wet (what’s better than that, eh?)! Each Hole-in-Hole is protected by webbing double-stitched into place.

Mesh Bottom

We took our River Tube Vinyl Hole-in-Hole and added a 1000 1300 Denier Mesh bottom to create what we consider the Ultimate Tubing Experiment! Now, water not only fills the lower half of the River Tube, the 1300 Denier Mesh keeps those bottoms where they belong: Inside the Tube! Great for Little Ones sitting in your lap and not worrying about them falling through!

The Mesh is rugged and triple-stitched to a Vinyl surrounding; the Tops are still made from our UV Resistant and Mildew Resistant Poly-Canvas and the handles are box-stitched with backing material (for extra durability!) for those fast-moving moments.

Link 'em Up!

This product is for Lazy River Tubing ONLY!

Our adjustable Connecting Links are straps handling 600 lbs of force sewn into the triple-stitched inseam of our River Tubes. Each of the 4 links has a buckle end that is capable of supporting up to 190 lbs of force! Use these for that party group tubing down the Lazy River or simply go Dutch when it is just you.

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