Patent-Pending Super Slick No-Wax-Needed Snow Tube Covers (Non-Towable)

Patent-Pending Super Slick No-Wax-Needed Snow Tube Covers (Non-Towable)


Have the slickness and speed of our Super Slick 40 oz Commercial Snow Cover without the 40 oz Price!

NEW bottom colors!

  • Lime Green  NOW in stock!
  • Purple NOW in stock!

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Let your tooshy be cushy! ($18.99)

Picture this: The snow fell last night. The kids are running circles in the house as the car is being loaded up with your newest acquisition: a few cheap inflatable snow tubes picked up at the local discount store. The tubing hill is sparkling in the sun, and everyone gathers around for that inaugural run. Making a running jump, the snow flies in your face as you head downhill. Then you cringe! Up ahead is a stick (or rock, or briar…) right in your way. Burst.

Are you tired of having to replace that cheap pool-vinyl snow tube after every outing? Then buy a ClearCreekTubes’ Snow Tube! Nobody has a larger color selection than ClearCreekTubes! With the Bottoms made from a very rugged and durable 18.5 oz vinyl, those cheap inflatable snow tubes are left sagging behind in the snow.

The Tops are a UV Resistant and Waterproof Polyester-Canvas with Color-Lock Technology, known for non-fading qualities with handles box-stitched into place. All Tops and Bottoms are triple-stitched together for a longer lasting Snow Tube. Each ClearCreekTubes Snow Tube comes with a non-weight bearing Pull Strap to help haul that tube back up the hill for another go! And they are made right here in Denver, Colorado. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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