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Tubing FAQ

Q. What safety gear do you recommend?

River Tubing: Sun Screen, helmet, life preserver, buddy system, know your route, plenty of liquids (not beer!), know how to swim.
Snow Tubing: Sun Screen, helmet, goggles or impact resistant sun glasses, clear tubing hill, respect those downhill from you and understand that they have the right of way, water resistant clothing, plenty of liquids (not beer!)

Q. I really like your products! Can you do custom jobs, like adding pockets or drink holders?

Absolutely! Simply call or email us for discussing what it is you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q. We are an outfitter and would like to stock ClearCreekTubes products. Can we do this?

We would love to see our products in your store! Please call or email us for details.

Q. How much is shipping cost within the U.S.?

Shipping is FREE anywhere within the United States. This INCLUDES Alaska and Hawaii!

Q. I live outside the United States. Why did I get a separate PayPal Invoice for International Shipping.

Although shipping is Free within the U.S., there is an additional shipping cost for International Orders. In order to ensure that you get the best cost for shipping International and that you are not overcharged, we search through our shipping providers and then bill you separately. You should receive the PayPal Invoice within one business day.

Q. Who is responsible for Customs and Duties on International Orders.

The Receiver is responsible.

Q. How quickly do you ship and when can I expect my order?

We normally ship within 1- 3 business days. Shipping from us to anywhere within the U.S. is about 3 days. If you have called and placed a custom or bulk order, shipping may take longer as discussed.

Q. What kind of a warranty do you have?

We carry a thirty day warranty against any manufacturer defect. This includes the stitching and craftsmanship of the Covers. If any should fail because of a manufacturer defect, call or email us for a resolution.

Q. I just aired up my Naked Tube and it is much smaller than advertised!

Our Naked Tubes are made from high quality butyl rubber with the best elongation on the market. Depending on which Naked Tube you ordered, the tube will look and feel full at 32-36 inches. Please continue to inflate until you have reached the outer diameter.

Q. What psi should I inflate the tube to?

Do not look for a readable psi! PSI is obtained from building up air pressure. To build up air pressure, the tube has to quit stretching. Our tubes will continue to stretch and stretch until the rubber fails. Simply inflate the tube until you have reached the correct size then stop.

Q. I bought the 48” Huge Naked Tube, but it looks just right for me at 40”. Is it okay to under inflate?

Absolutely! Our Naked Tubes are manufactured from high quality butyl rubber. Although they will safely stretch much bigger, under inflating them causes no issue and without having a saggy feeling tube! In fact, the more you under inflate, the more give the rubber will have, therefore making it even more resilient to damage.

Q. I noticed in your 3-Step Airing Directions that you suggest under inflating if leaving the Naked Tube out in the sun.  Why?

The black rubber of the Naked Tube easily heats up in the sun. Because of this, the air inside the Naked Tube will warm. As air warms, it expands. If the tube is already inflated to maximum capacity, the expanding air will only cause the tube to increase in size making it more susceptible to damage. This can even happen on a very cold but sunny day. If the Naked Tube is encased in one of our ClearCreekTubes Covers, then the tube will not be allowed to expand.

Q. Why can’t we air our tubes in lower elevation and then drive up into the mountains?

Being Denver locals, we get that question a lot. If you air your tube here and then drive up into the mountains, you will be very disappointed. As you go up in elevation, air expands significantly. At some point, the air expansion is going to exceed the tube’s capability to hold it. As many mountain bikers have discovered, we HIGHLY recommend that you do not air up your tube until you have reached your destination. If you need a portable air compressor, we have those, too!

Q. You sent me the wrong size inner tube for my Cover. It is way too small!

This is the most common question we receive. Our 8.25R20 and 10.00R20 fits our 44” Huge Cover while the 10.00R20 and 12.00R20 fits our 54” Colossal Cover. Please check to make sure that the tube you have matches the Cover. If it does, please continue to air up the tube. Remember: at 32-36”, the tube will look and feel full, but it is not. Continue to inflate.
If we did ship you the wrong size tube, please contact us so we can correct our mistake.

Q. I aired up my tube last night and it looked beautiful. This morning it was flat. The tube has not been used and I do not see a hole. Do you know what happened?

Although it is possible that your tube has a manufacture defect, it is most likely that the core valve is not fully seated in the valve stem. This is a common and easy issue to correct. The core valve is that itty-bitty needle inside the valve stem. It actually screws into place. If it is not fully screwed in, air WILL leak out. You will need a core valve tool. Some people use a small pair of needle nose pliers, but we DO NOT recommend doing so. If you use a pair of needle nose pliers, you can easily damage the core valve or the valve stem and this will void your warranty.

You can buy a core valve tool from us, at any local hardware store, or pick up a bottle of Green Slime at Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart and use the black cap on the bottle (the black cap on the Green Slime doubles as a core valve tool).
Once you have the core valve tool, go ahead and unscrew the core valve then screw it back in until it is snug only. WARNING: DO NOT PUT ANY MUSCLE BEHIND SCREWING IT IN! Doing so will cause the core valve to strip the threads and then the tube will not take any air. This is why we do not recommend or endorse using a pair of needle nose pliers. With the right tool, you can feel when the core valve is snug. You cannot with the pliers. Please trust us on this.
If the tube continues to lose air, please contact us for further instructions.

Q. How can I quickly deflate the tube?

You can do this by simply removing the core valve (that itty-bitty pin inside the valve stem). We sell Core Valve Drivers and Tools along with extra core valves. Many people have used a small pair of needle nose pliers, however we do not recommend doing so as it may cause damage to the core valve or valve stem. Be careful when removing the core valve: the air pressure behind it can cause it to launch out of the valve stem and then be easily lost. This is why we include extra core valves in the Inner Tube Maintenance Kit!

Q. Can I use my River Cover in the snow?

Unfortunately, no. The canvas bottom of the River Covers actually grip the snow/ice and will not allow it to slide.

Q. Can I use my Snow Cover for river tubing?

Absolutely! The vinyl bottom is water proof and UV resistant and will work fine in the water.

Q. What is the difference between a Snow Tube and a Towable Snow Tube?

The Snow Tube is for downhill snow tubing. It comes with non-weight bearing pull strap for pulling the empty tube back up the hill. The Towable Snow Tube can be used for either downhill snow tubing or towing a person. The Tow Strap is designed for weight bearing and can handle up to 6,800 lbs of force!

Q. Can I tow my Towable Snow Tube behind my four-wheeler?

Although the Tow Strap of the Towable Snow Tube is designed to handle up to 6,800 lbs of force, we DO NOT recommend or endorse it being used with any motorized machinery. Debris can be thrown up by tires, tread or tracks; braking is non-existent and the likelihood of injury/death is increased. We want you to enjoy our products, tell others about them and come back and buy more; not get hurt (or worse).

Q. I really like your website. We are trying to get a good one for our business but nothing seems to work. We have worked with five different web developers and although they have promised the moon, all I get is rocks. Who did yours?

We understand completely! We have had four different websites and have hired even more designers and developers. It is so hard to find someone who sees your vision and helps you to develop it into something fruitful. Inspired Design did our website. The owner is Weston Eden. Give him a try. We are happy that we did!

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